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49 Special

49 Special Barfly PromoIt is a small R'n'R planet we all inhabit but 49 Special has already secured a pretty good spot on it, they’ve definitely left an exclusive print on the very unique and extraordinary Rockabilly scene.
The band is well known and there are constant requests from promoters from all around the world. They've played all the major festivals in Europe and have also travelled to play in the USA. They've headlined festivals, opened for other main acts and have backed-up some real kick-ass musicians.

Birds of a feather flock together, so there is no doubt about this band's background - The Rockabilly band The Tennessee Boys. Both bands have endless tales about crazy and funny events, confirming Pedro, Mario, Nuno, Jorge and Ernesto's "joie de vivre". The band's followers and friends continue to help and support their awesome live performances. And the band's been shouting "thank you ma'am!" for more than 15 years...stick around long enough and you're bound to be invited for a front-line party to remember for a lifetime!

The band has been called the most unprofessional band on the road, but they're remembered for creating great original music and for bringing pure live entertainment to an ever-demanding audience! You'll agree that several backstage, airports, R’n’R venues and bar lounges have witnessed some hell raising but also some outstanding performances.

Most of the band's staff play regularly with other bands, from Rockabilly to Country and to Original R'n'B. And that answers to why the band only released 4 albums in 16 years - It could not have been any other way and these 4 albums mark a clear and different phase on the life of this die-hard Portuguese crew. The band goes back to 1997 and it has evolved from a Western Swing combo to a pure Country Band. Today, their sound evolved and it is immediately recognizable, sounding more mature and strong.

49 Special have morphed into a real outlaw country act!


2002 – CD – Corn Bread’s Fred Hideaway, Space Mobile Records
2004 – CD – Dark Lonesome Road*, Self-Edition
2007 – CD – Trails of Evil, Grasshopper Records Belgium
2013 – CD – Barfly, Grasshopper Records Belgium

* Title song appears on an American independent movie called “One Shot” and Gito’s brilliant artwork and creativity have been internationally recognized and awarded.

The Band:

Pedro Serra – Vocals and Acoustic
Ernesto Morais – Double Bass and Electric Bass
Jorge Fortunato – Mandolin, Steel Guitar and Cornet
Mario Morais –Lead and Electric Guitars
Nuno Gomes – Drums

Bookings & Info : peter@grasshopper.be